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Thread: Drawing in Meters, but scale is off when ploting

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    Default Drawing in Meters, but scale is off when ploting

    Hi all,

    I usually draw 1:1 in model space using feet/inches and have my border/text in paper space. All my scales come out just fine. However, for the latest drawing I'm working on, I need to draw in Meters. When I print out the drawing the scle is off. I have my drawing units already set to meters and the dimensions are correct.

    How do I set up model space/paper space and border so that it will print to scale?


    (using autocad civil 2011)

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    Default Re: Drawing in Meters, but scale is off when ploting

    First START with a Metric Template.

    Second keep watching this space I'll post tutorial.
    I just went through this while on assignment to QATAR and even though the user typically work in Metric units they were unable to actually use them to set up their sheet plotting parameters.
    Not that they didn't work, they just couldn't do it.

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