Summary: Ability to enable leaders for annotation symbols embedded with families to enable the symbols to be easily relocated for clarity on plans while leaving the actual object where it should be.

Description: I'd like to have a leader toggle for annotation symbols embedded within families, e.g. small power or fire, so that when I place the equipment into the model, I can select it, tick leader and then move the symbol out to a 'clear' position and have a leader back to where the piece of kit is.

At the moment I can add offsets to reposition the symbol separately to the equipment but when looking at things like ceiling plans if items like smoke detectors aren't in the middle of tiles it looks wrong - a leader back to the middle of the tile with a small dot on the end would be ideal.

The kind of functionality I'm looking for is the same as when you add an annotation symbol to a legend view, and somehow Revit just automatically lets you add a leader and reposition the symbol.

Product & Feature: Revit MEP

Submitted: Thu, 15 Dec 2011