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Thread: .Net and Visual Studio Competitor

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    Default .Net and Visual Studio Competitor

    Hey programmers , in most of the software companies developing enterprise level websites are using .Net framework for their development . The application software used by the .Net developers is Visual Studio by the Microsoft Company . i want to know that is there any alternative of Visual studio in the market for Asp developers .

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    Default Re: .Net and Visual Studio Competitor

    While I am not an ASP developer, I can tell you that there is no 'equal' alternative to Visual Studio as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). There are however 'smart' text editors such as Notepad++, VIM, UltraEdit, etc. (as compared to 'dumb' text editors like Notepad), that do support coding .NET languages such as C++, C#, VB, etc..

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    Default Re: .Net and Visual Studio Competitor

    You won't find many developers here.
    Can we assume you've Googled IDE for ASP.NET ??

    Considering the sites you are advertising, I'm guessing you could give us a list of at least 3 .... not even considering several free options from Microsoft.

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