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Thread: Layers & Display Configurations

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    Question Layers & Display Configurations

    Does anyone know a way to turn layers off or on using the Display Configurations?

    I am trying to create a presentation or brochure drawing of our houses without creating an additional file. I'm thinking I should use display configuration for this, but I am not sure how to turn off unwanted layers when I switch the configuration.

    For example; display configuration is set to Standard and I see everything I need for construction documents. Potential customers don't want to look at the dimension strings and joist locations so I would like to create a marketing type of floor plan. The 'Presentation' display configuration works good, but it leaves all of my dimensions and notes on the plan which I would like removed in that display configuration.

    Is there any way to accomplish this?

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    Default Re: Layers & Display Configurations

    Unless you are using AEC dimensions, which can be controlled by the Display System, I do not know of a way to have a layer state (or any other means of setting layer on/off or freeze/thaw status) associated with a Display Configuration.

    If you are good at creating a reactor-based customizations, you could set one up that would trigger a routine to turn off the unwanted layers when you change the Display Configuration to Presentation. Or you could set up such a routine that would have to be manually run when changing the Display Configuration.

    Are you setting up a separate Layout and viewports to create the presentation brochure? If so, a reactor program may be more than you really need; having a presentation layer state that you can set active in the viewport, along with the Presentation Display Configuration may be enough.

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