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Thread: Sheet Set Template File Location in c#

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    Default Sheet Set Template File Location in c#

    I tried to set the Sheet Set Template File Location in the option using Files in c# but I couldn't see which variable is this in the collection. I set other paths it is ok men (Sheet Set Template File Location) and the (Enterprise Customization File) seems not there to choose. What to do. Thanks.
    Here ist hte others that I could set with out problem

    acPrefComObj.Files.SupportPath = varden[0];
    acPrefComObj.Files.PrinterConfigPath = varden[2];
    acPrefComObj.Files.PrinterDescPath = varden[3];
    acPrefComObj.Files.PrinterStyleSheetPath = varden[4];
    acPrefComObj.Files.TemplateDwgPath = varden[5];
    acPrefComObj.Files.QNewTemplateFile = varden[7];
    acPrefComObj.Files.PageSetupOverridesTemplateFile = varden[8];
    acPrefComObj.Files.ToolPalettePath = varden[9];

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    Default Re: Sheet Set Template File Location in c#

    Sigh I have the same problem, can't find anyone talking about it anywhere.

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