Is anyone using a graphics tablet with Revit 2012 products? I have been looking at wacom tablets (bamboo connect or capture) but am not sure if it works well with Revit. I have read in other forums that there are some issues with selecting drop downs and property tabs as well as the zoom/pan issue which appears to be addressed in another post ( I am wanting to try one of these and don't know if the touch capabilities work at all in Revit or if I would be better off without them.

Which tablet is best for Revit work?

If there are any structural engineers using one of these, do they work well with design software (RAM, RISA, etc.)?

I've been using a mouse for so many years now that I am afraid I won't be able to get used to a different input mechanism. I can't find a mouse that fits my hand or feels comfortable any longer and am exploring alternative options for input.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time,