Summary: Enable Revit link modification similiar to AutoCAD xrefs

Description: I dont understand why Revit does not have the ability to load and or modify links from within the model your working on and or why it needs to "unload" the link as soon as you open it when the host modle is also open.

It would be (in my opinion) better to have similar functionality to Auotcad Xrefs, ie you can "right click" and choose open link/modify link in place/unload link etc.

It would be awesom if you could alter a link from within the host file, similar to "edit xref in place" from AutoCAD

For example, i have 3 zones to a large structure, each represented by a model which is all colabirated in one central model. i want to alter a member in one of the links (change its size or similar) so it would be ideal if i could just click the link, "make it live" alter the member and then "close" it and carry on.

Currenly you have to close the file your in (to prevent the unlinking) the load the desired modle, alter the member, close it, then open your other model again.


Product & Feature: Revit Structure

Submitted: Wed, 11 Jan 2012