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Thread: view filter for conduit size

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    Default view filter for conduit size

    I did a quick search through the forums and did not find anything already posted about this.

    I'm in Revit MEP 2011, and I want to apply a view Filter to conduit runs below a particular diameter. I am using the "Size" system parameter in the filter so that I can apply it to both Conduit and Conduit Fittings.

    In the Filter Rules:
    Filter by: Size
    is less than

    I placed two conduit runs, one whose Size parameter 1 1/2" diameter for both the Conduit objects and the Conduit Fittings, and another at 1 1/4" diameter.

    The filter seems to either apply or not apply to both runs, regardless of what number I enter in the filter. The filter applies for any value I enter down to 1.1. When I set the number to 1, the filter no longer applies to either run.

    I asked around the office, and everyone agreed that 1 < 1.1 < 1.25 < 1.5

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: view filter for conduit size

    This is ugly indeed. The problem is the SIZE value is not treated as a "length" and therefore cannot be used as a value to compare. To get what you are after you will need to work out both positive filters working with negative filters, something like:

    Size contains 2"
    Size does not contain / (example, so that the 3 1/2" isn't grabbed)

    I had a hospital where I wanted to do the same thing. It took a while of tweaking, but I did get it to work for my specific environment.
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    Default Re: view filter for conduit size

    Good tip, thank you.

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