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Full tested on WindowsXP operating system..and tested okai in Os WindowsVista

TopovlexC features:

  1. embedding C++ in Visual LISP
  2. convert lisp to source C++ADS
  3. compile C++ to Lisp program
  4. convert SLD to Lisp_Grdraw
  5. combining TXT to Lisp
  6. combining DCL to Lisp
  7. interpret mathematical formulas (huge size formulas) to LISP
  8. convert source lisp to mathematical formulas
  9. convert SLD to JavaScript and HTML
  10. convert SLD to MsWord.exe . document
  11. convert SLD to Lisp_DCL dialog
  12. combining TXT to C++ one string
  13. convert c++lisp to visual c++ads/arx(testing phase)