Hello all-

I am using a combined field / mtext to list the area of an given object. My drawing is in millimeters, and I need the area displayed in SQUARE METERS. Unfortunately, due to the units of my drawing, the default area calculations come back in SQUARE MILLIMETERS. This isn't really a problem, as I can fix this in the "additional format" window of the Field(s).

So, my text is tied to a field with the following:
OBJECT > AREA > DECIMAL (with a custom additional format to list SM)

The problem is I have not found a way to save this 'custom' conversion back to SM. Each time I re-connect the mtext object I need to manually re-apply the 'custom' additional format. It's a waste of precious time!

Is there a way to create a custom/user-defined field that will always be available?

The string / field expression is:
%<\AcObjProp.16.2 Object(%<\_ObjId 8796069715536>%).Area \f "%lu2%ps[,SM]%ct8[1e-006]">%

Help? Thanks!