I can't tell if this is the same problem as posted in :

I followed the advice there, but I'm still having trouble getting an arx application to load. The AutoCAD command line shows:

Command: arx
Enter an option [Files/Groups/Commands/CLasses/Services/Load/Unload]: L
捡硲湅牴偹楯瑮 not found in gisducttape.arx
AcRxDynamicLinker failed to load 
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011\acad.exe
Out of curiosity, I loaded that response into a hex editor, and found that the mystery characters are ANSI "acrxEntryPoint".

I compiled the arx app using Visual Studio Express 2010 - but it looks like there might be some compiler setting or such that's off - maybe? Any ideas about what could be wrong? Would it help if I posted the full generated commandline settings?