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Thread: DYN doesn't work

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    Default DYN doesn't work

    I'm just starting out w/ cad so humor me if this is a stupid question. I'm running 2009 LT on a Win7 machine. Everything seems to be working as advertised but while drawing a rectangle I found that it doesn't matter if the DYN button is on or off, when I make my 2nd point, it shows up as if it is calculated from the origin, not the last point. I'm following the first exercise in a book step for step, but can't get this function to work. Any ideas??

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    Default Re: DYN doesn't work

    Hi, welcome to AGI.
    Have you tried "@" before the second point? It's use varies in newer versions but was mandatory in earlier versions.

    should give a square from 20,20 to 40,40.
    John B

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