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Thread: unknown error code 211

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    Default unknown error code 211

    We keep getting an error that comes up when trying to print to an Minolta magicolot 2300DL printer. The error shown is "unknown error 211" The printer is attached to another computer. We had no problem printing when the computer with the printer was running windows 98 OS Now it is XP and this error happens. We have 3 computers and all 3 can print to this printer using anything but the Autocad map 2004. What is needed to Print Autocad drawings.


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    Default Re: unknown error code 211

    Is the error appearing on the workstations that you're printing from or on the computer that the printer is connected to. If you've moved the printer to another computer and you've got to XP from 98 did you reinstall the drivers on the workstations that used this printer. It may be looking for a win98 driver when what you need is a Win XP Driver
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