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Thread: Edit data in spread sheet form without import/export of shape file

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    Cool Edit data in spread sheet form without import/export of shape file

    Is there a way to edit object data in a drawing using Map 5 or map 3d, without editing the DBF file in excel

    ideally we would like to have a spread sheet interface (contained in Map) that would allow us to edit all the object data for a series of objects and have the DBF and the shape file update instantly without exporting from the CAD drawing (thus the ESRI shape file and the cad drawing would be one in the same.)

    Hopefully thinking... maybe... anyone? alternatives.. I don't want to bu ArcIMS etc.

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    Default Re: Edit data in spread sheet form without import/export of shape file

    You can not instantly update the shape files from Map (as far as I know without some serious programming). You can automatically update the dbf file by linking it to the drawing created by the import (but that kills your desire to not edit the dbf). That being said I think the best way to do what you want is as follows:

    1. Create an external database file (MS Access) and attach it to a blank drawing in Map.
    2. Import the shape data and create Object Data during import into the same drawing (don't forget any transformation settings).
    2. Once imported go to Map>>Tools>>Create database links from Object Data. Create a link template to the DB that you created and attached in step 1.
    3. During the process check the box that says "Remove Object Data from processed objects." This process will populate the external DB with the Object Data (which is your .dbf data).
    4. Once that is done you will be able to view and edit the DB data by double clicking on the link template (hence your "excel" type environment).

    Now you can edit away in real time with your data. Once you are done you will have to Export the map with the DB data.

    I dont know what you level of map knowledge is so post away if you need any clarification.

    Thats as good as it gets I think, anyone else have ideas?


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