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Thread: AutoCAD Options dialog box error

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    Default AutoCAD Options dialog box error

    Upon making edits to the Trusted Locations in the Options/Files box in AutoCAD 2016, I get this error message:

    "The directory specified for log files must exist and have read/write permission. The value previously saved for the log files directory will be used."

    Doing a search on the Auto Desk Knowledge Network didn't give me any real answers to others who've had the same issue. It seems that this is interfering with the ability to save a custom profile. Can anyone help?



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    Default Re: AutoCAD Options dialog box error

    Well. the obvious question is 'does the log file location exist? And what are the permissions for that directory??

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    Default Re: AutoCAD Options dialog box error

    Yeah, the trigger for errors like that occurs when focus is lost on the affected tab. This can happen when you switch tabs or when you try to close the dialog.
    So you're getting that error when you close the dialog, not because of something you've changed with Trusted Locations, but because whatever WAS in the "log file" location either no longer exists, or the permissions have changed, etc.
    For example, I can generate this error on demand by entering a bad path.

    Go back into Options, File Tab, and navigate down to "Log File Location" and either review it and leave it, or change it to another valid location.
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