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Thread: Two lookups on 1 parameter

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    Lightbulb Two lookups on 1 parameter

    Hey guys,
    I have spent a ton of time mooching off of this forum and contributed little. In an effort to balance out my karma I decided to post a solution so something I spent a lot of time searching for and couldn't come up with the appropriate answer (in English, at least =D).

    The goal:
    Have to lookup actions under 1 parameter so that the tables can reference each other

    One reason is so that you can make dynamic blocks that link stretching and visibility states (See attached example).

    The solution
    1) Open block editor and mouse over the "Lookup" parameter under the parameters ribbon
    2) Right click on parameter and select properties
    3) Click in the "actions" box and then click on the "..." in the lower right hand corner for the box
    4) Add TWO lookup actions to the list, click ok, then click ok to close the tool properties window
    5) Add your newly crafted parameter to the drawing

    6) You will only see one lookup action right now (probably called "Lookup2")
    Important: Set that table up how you would like it, add the properties you would like. Remember the Lookup properties that you input, you will need these again!
    7) The other action exists, we just need to find it! Type in "qselect" into the command window:

    Apply to: Entire drawing
    Object type: Lookup Action
    Properties: Action name
    Operator: = Equals
    Value: Lookup1

    Note: It could be Lookup3 or some other number depending on what you have in your drawing already. There is some hunting involved here, you can always select all lookup actions to ensure that it is indeed there, just invisible. In fact, if you only have two, you can select all lookup actions then QSELECT again and remove the one that is visible.

    Once the invisible lookup action is selected type in PR into the command window to bring up properties
    9) Under MISC you will see "Lookup Table" click the table looking icon within the box and it will bring up the table of our hidden lookup value. You will notice under lookup properties this table is also referencing the same parameter!
    10) Enter the desired values: Note: the values under lookup properties must match in both tables!

    I put this together really quickly, please let me know if you have any questions, there was a way to do it in earlier versions with a russian .fas file, but this was the only way I could get it working.
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    Default Re: Two lookups on 1 parameter

    Just set BACTIONBARMODE to Zero and they will not be hidden anymore.
    Look around the Autodesk Dynamic Forum and you will find a .fas file for creating multiple Vis-States.
    Really get your blocks cookin'

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