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Thread: Pipes missing in profiles?

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    Default Pipes missing in profiles?

    I use C3D 2011. I have a "master design" file for my drain network. I make a data shortcut of this network to use in a separate file where I create my plan and profile for each street of my master design network. Although no changes have occurred to either file since I last opened these drawings, on occasion when I open up the street drawing some or sometimes all of my pipes will be missing from the profile. They are still there in the plan view in both the master design and the individual street drawing. If I close out of C3D without doing anything my pipes will show up eventually in the profile. Sometimes I have to do this process two or three times before the pipes show back up in the profile. Has this happened to anyone else? Any thoughts? I cannot readily duplicate the problem and it does not happen all the time just sporadically.

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    Default Re: Pipes missing in profiles?

    When the pipes go 'missing' to you syncronize your data shortcuts?

    Do you verify that they listed in the properties for the profile views?

    Is your data on a server?

    IF YES

    Should you relocate the data locally does it still drop out on you?

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    Default Re: Pipes missing in profiles?

    i have had this issue in the past. it was memory or video card issue. Sometime C3D has a hard time syncing all the data throughout the drawing. If you are data shortcuting in all your storm network thats a lot of data. if you are doing all your utilitity crossing on a street thats a lot of data plus surfaces. Sometime thats a memory and video card hog. Make sure that your hardware acceleration (3dconfig command) is turned off. make sure you have the latest service packs installed. I type 3dconfig...and select Check Updates for your video card.

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