Hi all,

I have finally figured out how to get demand factors incorporated and working well. However, the most important aspect of the overall goal is now eluding me. I have all my load classifications set, and they reductions display correctly on my schedule. There are Revit parameters for "Current Phase A", "Current Phase B", or "Current Phase C". Same goes for the "demand" or Volt-Amp load. The problem is there is only one parameter for loads after demand factors are taken into account, and those load parameters are a three phase average. That doesn't work. For example, say phase A has 100A load, and phase B and C have 25A loads. The average is 50A. So, size your panel at 60A and call it a day. Then Phase A sees 100A and it blows up... Does anyone know how to report a per phase current demand after load classifications and demand factors are taken into account?