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Thread: Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols & Linetypes

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    Default Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols & Linetypes

    I am having some issues getting the single line pipe rises/drops to look the way I want. We typically have most of our supply systems with a continuous linetype, and dashed for the return systems.

    The supply systems seem to look OK - I've updated the symbols being used as defined under Mechanical Settings -> Pipe Settings -> Rise Drop -> Single Line Symbology, updated the annotation sizes for the pipe & fittings, etc. After reading this post about the view ranges the symbols seem to be working more/less how I would expect for the supply systems.

    My problem is the return piping has a fairly fine dashed linetype, so the elbow up/down and tees up/down symbols are broken into several small line segments. For example, the Tee Up is set to Tee - Full Circle, Tee Down is set to Tee - Half Circle. The Tee Up on the return side has four equally spaced line segments at this scale, while the Tee Down essentially split each of the two arcs in half.

    Is there a way to force the rise/drop symbols to a continuous linetype? I thought about editing the family for the fittings, but its not actually the fittings you are seeing - its the symbol for the vertical stretch of pipe. Or is there a way to make force the vertical pipe continuous while the horizontal follows the filters?

    BTW - this is RVT MEP 2011.

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    Default Re: Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols & Linetypes

    This is just a band-aid and a wet one at that.

    But I am pretty sure the only way to accomplish this is with a filter overriding your vertical pipes.
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    Default Re: Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols & Linetypes

    nudge, any other suggestions? There isn't a good way to isolate the vertical pieces of pipe only.
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    Default Re: Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols & Linetypes

    can you put all your vertical pipes on a different workset, and apply a filter set to solid linetype to pipes on that workset? not sure which would override the other, or whether a filter can be applied to a specific workset... (i only speak electrical, just something to try)

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