Summary: Create irregular surface from point cloud

Description: First select points from the point cloud and then create an irregular surface from them. Similar to to a digital terrain model in Civil 3D but there would be vertical and overlapping parts of the surface.
When we have two such adjacent surfaces then to be able to create the intersecting edge between them.

Point clouds, derived from various types of lase scanning devices, are becoming more and more an everyday part of the life of a surveyor and there is an urgent need for tools to manipulate these point clouds and create AutoCAD entities from them. Other software manufactures (such as Kubit) are far ahead of Autodesk and already offer automatic or semi automatic recognition of objects (mainly pipes and fittings) and are developing their product further.

Civil 3D already has a point cloud function but it is very basic and does not even start to cover the needs of the user.

Product & Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D

Submitted: Sat, 10 Mar 2012