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Thread: change family host R2012!

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    Default change family host R2012!

    I created a Kohler faucet family for their Torq series. Their customer service told me that this is one line they haven't made an RFA for. I used a R2012 plumbing template carelessly. After spending a whole Saturday on it, I discovered the template I used was wall-based. UGHH.

    Remembering everything I've read on this site and elsewhere about choosing the wrong template, I was afraid I had wasted a whole Saturday. Not wanting to give up without a fight, I loaded the wall based RFA and opened a new generic face based RFA in the same session. I copied the whole wall based data to the clipboard and was able to paste it into the generic face RFA. It worked.

    I have come to the conclusion that wall-based families are too restrictive. Unless you have a really good reason to absolutely restrict to walls, generic face is better. This wall mounted faucet actually can go on millwork backsplash, marble facing, walls etc. Much less restrictive!!!
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    Default Re: change family host R2012!

    How about this trick: create the family in a non hosted to anything template, then nest it in a hosted family template.
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    Lightbulb Re: change family host R2012!

    Thanks Mike,

    We have moved away from any family based to walls, floors, roofs or ceilings. Well we still have some of this content in our standard library, we build all new content as level based or Face based. I will have to try this copy/paste to a face based family. Do you do the copy in elevation & the paste in plan? Please provide a little additional detail.

    Thanks again,
    Jeff S.
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