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Thread: Modal/seismic analysis problem:missing eigenvalues

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    Default Modal/seismic analysis problem:missing eigenvalues

    First of all I apologize if this problem has bein postet before, but I could not find a result for it.
    I am trying to do a modal analysis on my Bachelor's project, on which I want the results only on X&Y;
    after setting everithing, I runnedd the calculations in order to see in which mode participates the most mass, and I encounter this error:
    Number of missing eigenvalues found = 2
    the error repeats itself in several cases before the calculations are done.
    I do not know how to solve it, and I think I did the steps for modal analysis wright.
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    With regards,

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    Default Re: Modal/seismic analysis problem:missing eigenvalues

    This is partially a function of the calculation method you are using for the modal analysis and quite frankly, is a bit beyond me as well. (and I'm probably not alone based on the number of responses)
    You can read more in depth about this here:
    Specifically in Block Subspace Iteration Method

    Would be interested to hear other feedback on this one, it's new to me as well.
    Ken Marsh
    Owner, Marsh API

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