1. We would like to use multiline annotative texts, that we arrange in one line but we seem to have a failure.

We place the multiline text into the drawing, in one line, with a wide enough textbox. It looks okay, however when we save the drawing and reopen it some of the text is arranged in two lines!
This has happened several times and it is quite annoying before a deadline.

Do you have an idea how we should fix it?

2. We would like to use annotative blocks but we seem to have a failure.

We have created blocks and while creating we have checked the "annotative" checkbox.
At some annotation scales part of the block disappear or appear at an unlikely part of the drawing.
Even after export part of the block appear where they should not be.

What can be the cause of this problem?

Right now, with problems like this, we unfortunately can not really trust annotative objects.