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Thread: Shared Parameters show up as question mark

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    Question Shared Parameters show up as question mark

    Hi All,

    I am new to Revit (2012) and have created a hanger family for conduit with shared parameters for rod length etc.
    When I load the family and shared parameters file into a project and try to add a tag with the shared parameters attached I get
    a question mark where my tag is supposed to be. I have messed with it for half a day and still no luck.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Default Re: Shared Parameters show up as question mark

    The presence of a question mark indicates that the label within the tag is not finding any parameter values to report. Ensure that the Family and the Tag both have the exact same Shared Parameter loaded into it - if one of them just has a Parameter named the same, you will get this result. It may be best to remove and replace the Shared Parameter in both families.

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    Default Re: Shared Parameters show up as question mark

    This is an issue we're having with SOME families, but not all families. I don't recall older versions of Revit doing this. It has nothing to do with a shared parameter just being the same name, as we're having the issue with newly created shared parameters as well. Is there a setting somewhere that replaces the behaviour that blank cells for a tag are replaced with a Question Mark symbol?!?

    I remember last year having this issue with a tag family that was upgrade from 2009 to 2010 and all of a sudden adding a question mark while it didn't show it in 09. I can't remember which tag it was and i can't remember how we fixed it :/

    Any lead on this would be nice.

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