Q1: When do you use CAD in the production process (e.g. preliminary design, design development, etc.)?
Q2: What types of standardization do you use?
Q3: What are the advantages or disadvantages that CAD brings to your practice?
Q4: Can AutoCAD be used as effectively for designing as it is used for reading construction documents? Ask the interviewee to provide logical examples to support your answer.
Q5: Do you use Model space and Paper space? If so what are the advantages of doing this? If you did not use model space and paper space, what changes would have to be made to your drawings and what problems do you foresee if you have to go back and edit these?
Q6: If the interviewee used model space and paper space ask the following question: Since every AutoCAD drawing is usually created on a scale of 1:1, won't the scale hinder you as a designer in terms of sheet layout? Why or why not? Ask the interviewee to provide some examples.

Looking forward to the reponse!