Allow ECO routing lists to involve groups as well as individual users

How Used:

We use the Change Order process in conjunction with Item level file security.

When routing ECOs through the approval process, we have a routing list assigned where a single username can be any one of a group of ECO approvers for a given department. We track ECO sign-offs by: manufacturing, quality, materials, accounting, and marketing. We route ECO's dynamically through users in each department, but the overall flow is always the same.

We would prefer to know who signed off on what ECO, and not to have our users log out of their current Vault session to process an ECO (which also may consume extra licenses if they're working an office add-in, causing us license shortages).

Allowing a member of a user group to be an approver would prevent having a user sign out of their current Vault session, potentially consuming a second license to sign in as the blanket user for each group, and allow better tracking of what users sign off on ECOs for auditing purposes (TS-16949!).

Feature Affinity:

Vault Professional