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Thread: Creating a Multileader which switches the leader from right to left based on the cursor location.

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    Default Creating a Multileader which switches the leader from right to left based on the cursor location.

    Hi, this is my first post here. I've asked around at the office and looked in a number of ACAD reference books and can't seem to figure out how to re-create this or make it into a style, but I have a dwg that has it already created in it and this MLeader works when imported to other dwgs but when using matchprop on it to modify other leaders, the modified leaders do not inherit all the abilities.

    Basically this is the description of the leader:

    When pasted it has 3 nodes:
    The node at the arrowhead, when activated and the cursor is moved to the side opposite of the text, the leader automatically detaches from one side and attaches to the opposite side. (This attribute does NOT transfer when matchprop or trying to turn this particular leader into a style via right-click menu.)

    The middle node allows for movement of leader elbow and the text follows with it. (This attribute does transfer.)

    The end node next to the text is shaped as a triangle and allows for the extension of the leader from the elbow to the text, to move the text farther or closer. (This attribute also transfers.)

    If a new leader is added to the existing to point to 2 items, it attaches to the middle (elbow) node which is where it should, but if a leader is added on to a modified (matchprop) from the original it attaches at the end node rather than where it should, at the middle.

    The leader landing distance and landing gap is preset in the MLS editor, but there seems to be no option in the editor for the auto leader "snapping" that I described with the arrowhead leader nor the "snapping" for any added leaders.

    I've attached the leader that I'd like to create into a style, perhaps one of you may be able to help. Please explain to me how it's done, I'd rather learn the "why" then just have someone give me a completed style.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Creating a Multileader which switches the leader from right to left based on the cursor location.

    That leader actually only has 2 nodes for its leader line (the arrow and the text location). The grip looking like an arrow is the landing distance (you can set the default for this in the MLStyle dialog's Leader Structure tab). Thereafter it's possible to adjust individual ML's landing distances through this - take note however that it doesn't update all and / or automatically, so you might have to adjust them using the Properties Palette (depending on if you want all the same length).

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