I have a user that often has major delays in opening drawings while using LDC 2009. The same drawings open fine in Map mode but not in LD mode. Occasionally the sime files that take upwards of 5 minutes to open will open in seconds. When I logged on to his machine, everything was fine for me. Could not create any issue similar to his. When he logged on to another machine, he had the same probolem. Our standard configurations have some files being pulled from the network User folder (pgp, pcp and other configuration files) and standard info being pulled from the local machine. Best I can tell, the problem is isolated to only this one user and on any machine he goes to. Now, I could, and might, wipe out his config files on the server and replace them, but I would like to find the reason behind the problem.
SDSK.dfm is identical for all users, so that rules that out for me.
Permissions are identical for all users (all part of CAD group)
Workstations are built from the same Ghost image
Installation of LD is from the same Autodesk deployment
I am at a loss as to what I can look for, anyone got any ideas??