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Thread: Maya 6.0 not recognizing my license.

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    Unhappy Maya 6.0 not recognizing my license.

    I have been using Alias Maya 6.0 since 2004 on a Dell Precision M60 workstation. I have a commercial license, and still use that software version because it is most compatible with other software I use (PolyTrans, Deep Exploration, SolidWorks) to create 3D models. Two weeks ago even though Maya had booted fine just the day before, it suddenly refused to recognize my license, which is contained in the aw.dat file in the flexLM folder on my boot drive root directory. I checked the aw.dat file against a backup I keep handy for such times, and it was still exactly the same as the backup. I recalled having that problem a couple years ago, and that when I asked AutoDesk for help, they even found my serial number, and activated my software again. In any case they got me back up and running.

    I've re-installed the software from the original disc. Still nothing. Since the window that notified me my Maya did not have a recognized license continued to say I should install my activation key, I went through the steps to do so, filling out the form on the web site I was sent to, and was told by the system that AutoDesk would get back to me. The first two times I sent this, I received emails that someone would look into it and get back to me. They never did. When I tried to add more info to my case by replying to the confirmation email, I kept getting error messages saying I should send the information by replying to the email I did reply to. Now, when I send another request for help, I'm ignored.

    Does anyone have suggestions? I don't want to end up resorting to a crack copy of Maya 6.0, but I have projects to finish. I should have a perfectly good license, and be able to use my software. After all, my license uses the word "permanent." I can't afford the $3500 price tag for Maya 2012, and I have no upgrade options, and have not had them since Maya 8.5.

    Ken Hecker
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