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Thread: BIM ! ! Recording Changes to the model ???

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    Question BIM ! ! Recording Changes to the model ???

    I work for a medium size engineering consultancy and we have been using Revit now since 2009. We are relatively intermediate level users and still are not fully using Revit to its full capacity.

    I know the standard ways of recording changes to a 2D drawing (Changes description within a new issue) but can you all tell me your ways in which your company records changes to a 3d model ?

    So if a contractor or manufacturer would open up our model, how would he/she know what changes have been made to the model in Revit?

    Thank you for your time

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    Default Re: BIM ! ! Recording Changes to the model ???

    We're simply clouding our changes on the sheets (or the views on the sheets,) and periodically, depending on the specific project and contractor, we'll provide new RVT's, DWGs, or Navisworks files that include these changes but do not, as far as I know, track the changes. I would love to know if Revit had the capability for no other reason than it would be nice to know who broke the model...

    - Alex

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    Default Re: BIM ! ! Recording Changes to the model ???

    In File manager right click the toolbar, and select "Owner" from the list. This shows who last edited the file.
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    Default Re: BIM ! ! Recording Changes to the model ???

    There's a few ways you can do this depending on what stage of the project you're working in.
    There's always the comments box that you can fill out what you changed before you save to central. Not really useful IMHO during the design phase, heck IMHO not really useful since you're going to save more than once per day.
    For coordination we've been using the dwf markup tools and then passing those around during our weekly coordination meetings.
    As for getting changes to a contractor, it's no different than before. Cloud the drawing (That's your contract drawing) and send it out as a CB or and Addenda or ASI or what ever you want to call it and be done.
    At the end of the day we write our contracts to take no responsible over modeled objects. We only pass them on to the contractor after they sign an agreement that states the 2d pdfs/paper drawings are the contract documents and they can use our model "At Their Own Risk". In most of our cases, we hold no contract with the CM or GC, we offer our revit model to them to aid in their process, but they are still responsible for creating their own shop drawings, not taking our drawings and simply sending them back.
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