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Thread: Map3D Novice-looking for good resources and help with .mdb files

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    Question Map3D Novice-looking for good resources and help with .mdb files

    I'm trying to learn about and understand all of the different import file options. The only one I really know is SHP file. I don't even know what FDO is? Can anyone recommend a good resource tool to learn more about the data connect feature of Map? Also, whenever I try to import a microsoft access database file, it tells me "Failed to Create Data Source File". I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it there was something wrong with the installation. I'm so lost. Please help! Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Map3D Novice-looking for good resources and help with .mdb files

    The map import options varies on the file format you import and what data you have and what results you are targeting for.
    The FDO is a live connection to the data the biggest different between FDO and Mapimport is the map import creates AutoCAD entities from the data and it's static, where as with FDO it creates Feature objects (Map3D only) and is dynamic. Which means if you import a shp file and that shp files changes over time by either adding new geometry or change the attributes you need to start over and import the file again, with FDO and the shp file changes you see the changes as they happened. You can also edit the shp file with FDO so that any one else that uses the same file also sees the edited data/geometry once you check it back in.
    As for the MDB files, wellllllllllllllll there's a whole lot of issue with it depending on the version of Map, version of MS Office and your computer's operating system.
    As for a good resource to learn, unless you're with a large firm that has lots and lots of seats of AutoCAD Map3D you best bet is here if your reseller doesn't offer any help. Good luck and ask away if you need help.
    J. Murphy
    The former AutoCAD MAP3D Power User

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    Default Re: Map3D Novice-looking for good resources and help with .mdb files

    You do not give me much to go on with your post but there are two key things you need to FDO an Access database. First you must have a DSN created for the Access database you want to use. Then the table you connect to must have an X & Y coordinate and a Z is optional. With these two things your FDO connection will work. After that you will need to stylize the point data. FDO ODBC is intended to bring in drawing points, plus any attribute infomation in the table. Right click on the created layer in the Task pane to see the table. With the admin tool you can even make a form with selected data in the table.

    The help files that come with Map 3D are pretty good and there are decent tutorials on the Autodesk website.

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