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Thread: Revolving curtain wall door

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    Default Revolving curtain wall door

    I am trying to make a revolving door family for a curtain wall. I have made the cylindrical enclosure for the doors that sizes to the curtain wall grids when loaded, but cannot make the door panels to size, unless they are in the same plane as the curtain wall. I want to make the revolving door to have 4 panels (ie 90 degree spacing) or 3 panels (120 degree spacing). How do I lock these panels to size to the grid size?

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    Default Re: Revolving curtain wall door

    Here's a partial answer: try nesting in a generic model of the door panels. Make the door panel family based on a reference PLANE so it rotates in plan. There are quite a few threads about nesting families in order to get things to rotate correctly.

    That said, I would think revolving doors come in specific sizes and would be easier as a generic model (turned into a door) inserted into the space of an empty panel in the curtain wall. Just a thought.

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