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Thread: Piping insulation transparency

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    Question Piping insulation transparency

    I am using Navisworks Simulate 2013 to convert PDMS (12sp5) Review models (.rvm) to Navisworks format (.nwd) for viewing by others using Navisworks Freedom.

    The conversion process works and the models are viewable.

    Some of the piping in the model is insulated, the export from PDMS includes the setting (translucency 50%) to make the insulation transparent, this works and displays correctly in the PDMS review package.

    The insulated pipes appear solid in Navisworks (i.e. what is shown is the outside diameter of the insulation).

    How do I get the insulation to display correctly (transparent (50%) insulation, solid inner pipe)?

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    Default Re: Piping insulation transparency

    I have NO clue what PDMS is but, if you can select the insulation separately from the pipe, you can transforms the color and transparency in NavisWorks itself. You could make a selection set for the insulation and change it to a transparent type of display.

    Perhaps if you posted a small .nwd with the piping and insulation, we could take a look at the file and see what it would take.

    After some research, apparently PDMS is Plant Design Management System used for Piping Design. It might require object enablers to display properly in NavisWorks as well..
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