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Thread: Stop pipe from moving onced placed.

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    Default Stop pipe from moving onced placed.

    Summary: It would be nice that once piping has been placed that it stays put and not move or change slope.

    Description: It is a reoccurring nightmare in REVIT MEP.

    As you work on a plumbing system the pipe is always moving. Sometimes it moves a little, sometimes a lot and I mean like moves cross the model, causing error messages such as “items have become disconnected” or “ pipe is being connected in the wrong side of the fitting” and so on. Also, this pipe movement causes vertical piping to slope (often to 7 digits/12”), non-sloped piping such as a water line to slope and piping sloped at a certain percentage to change to an odd angle (1/8”/12” moves to 45/356”/12”). Not to mention piping moving into structural elements or piping to no-longer be aligned vertically.

    All of these little changes in pipe movement cause havoc on work flow because eventually a pipe placed weeks ago will move causing an error in a completely different part of the model causing you to find and repair the errant pipe before you can continue working.

    Often, the fix for the errant pipe causes hours of work to fix because no vertical piping is sloped, pipes don’t align, or the fix causes another error in a different part of the model. Also, because pipe moves so much you cannot simply remove a fitting and re-connect the piping but often have to go back and spend time adjusting or re-modeling pipe to get everything to reconnect.

    Product and Feature: Revit MEP - MEP Pipe (Rigid

    Submitted By: Kevin McGlothlin on Tue, 12 Jun 2012

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    Default Re: Stop pipe from moving onced placed.

    It actually sounds like your .ini file is not referencing the correct pipe sizing file. Although I have had issues where after saving to central a system will miraculously disconnect itself or fittings find themselves bunched up together.

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