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Thread: Site subdivision planning - an alternative to rooms please!

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    Default Site subdivision planning - an alternative to rooms please!

    Summary: Revit tries desperately to ignore the world beyond building walls...but many large / multi-building projects involve preliminary site planning. It would be great to have an additional version of rooms targeted at site planning.

    Description: I have used existing Rooms tool to try site planning (often in situations where multiple options are being developed in parallel). Internal rooms simply do not work for this. An alternative tool (based on rooms) would ideally be able to:

    - Define an existing site area / boundary
    - Subdivide this boundary into multiple areas
    - Relate each of these sub areas to 'host' topographies, and to 'child' concept masses and construction elements, and to landscape data and elements
    - Interact independently of internal rooms, and not be affected by walls etc
    - Interact with floors / roofs / roads / paths to report permeable / impermeable data for sites, to support stormwater / LID design
    - Potentially define boundary enclosures - fences, walls etc - automatically, in the way Masses can generate walls etc
    - Create Lot schedules that gather up extensive amounts of sub-data, drawing on the host/child relationships noted above.

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Rooms

    Submitted By: Tim Robinson on Tue, 12 Jun 2012

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    Default Re: Site subdivision planning - an alternative to rooms please!

    Have you tried the Area tools and the Property Line feature??

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