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Thread: Revit 2012 to 2013 upgrade consequences...

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    Default Revit 2012 to 2013 upgrade consequences...

    So we upgraded from Navisworks and Revit 2012 to 2013, which is nice. They both have nifty new features. The only problem is that after Revit 2013 upgrades our architects' models from 2012, our Navisworks sets become empty when we export nwc files from them (I know you can read native Revit in Navisworks 2013, but all of our current projects are set up with nwc's). This is a big problem when we get updated models for 4D scheduling.

    I know this problem happens in the Revit upgrade process because I exported a model from Revit 2012 using the Navisworks 2013 exporter and my sets were repopulated. The only thing that does it is simply opening the model in Revit 2013.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have a good workaround other than using Revit 2012 to export? Some of the architects we work with will be upgrading soon, and we are about to start getting things in 2013 that we have started in 2012...

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    Default Re: Revit 2012 to 2013 upgrade consequences...

    Check the end of the filenames for the NWC files that are created when exporting from Revit 2013. It seems that the 2013 NWC exporter likes to add a "#" to the end of the NWC filename. If this is the case for you, then simply rename any xxx#.NWC files back to xxx.NWC.

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