hello everyone,

I'm a student and i have been looking at getting a new laptop this year, my current one is 2yrs old and does not like Revit even with putting in 8gb of ram from the orginal 4. but anyway I would prefer a laptop since i like to be able to somewhat portable. Latley I have come across this model at Microcenter - ASUS R500vm-MS71.

specs are as follows -
Intel® Core(tm) i7-3610QM (quad-core 2.3GHz, Turboboost up to 3.3)

8GB DDR3-1600 SDRAM (max)

750GB 5,400RPM Hard Drive

15.6" HD Widescreen Display
(1366 x 76

Nvidia GT 630M (2gb memory)

For 800 bucks doesn't sound like to bad of a deal, i think that the next step up would be one ASUS's G-series.

Would like to hear some of your opinions or other suggestions.