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Thread: recording the fly through

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    Default recording the fly through

    What's the best way to record the fly through in the model?

    Like recording while I wall and pan from one corner of the building to the other corner of the building.

    This is just to present to the others a glimpse what can Navisworks do.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: recording the fly through

    Qualify "best". For best quality, use saved viewpoints in an animation, followed by rendering frames to file and using a non-linear editor to compile the frames into the finished animation. Lots of work, lots of planning needed, lots of time to render and edit, but vastly superior quality especially when dealing with manager-types who are used to seeing fancy stuff on TV ads. For easiest, turn on recording while you walk around. It can look choppy and pretty primitive though, leading to questions of "Is that the best you can get? Why do we pay so much money for this?".
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