Summary: Ability to add or create custom dynamic fields or notes within parts which can then be referenced in labels, reports, calculations and such.

Description: I would like to be able to create additional fields for the parts where I can insert whatever information I want to. I would then want to reference that field or note into structure and pipe labels which would change dynamically whenever the pipe information changes. We currently have only one location to write custom information and that is the Description Field, but sometimes we need to add more information.

This information should be available for both pipes and structures and would be read by both structures and pipes and be dynamic, so for example, if I have a pipe and I want to add an additional note "DAMAGED", that note would be also available for reference in the Structure label so that I can include that information at the end of the pipe data (i.e. "EXIST. 15" RCP @ 1.87' (N) DAMAGED").

There are various possibilities and that's why this field should be flexible.

The current option of editing the text within a label is counter productive since we would then have to edit each label individually when the data changes.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Pipe Network

Submitted By: Andres Aristizabal on 07/09/2012