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Thread: Sort model tab files alphabetically

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    Default Sort model tab files alphabetically

    Summary: Under the Model Tab in the sheet set manager have the files sorted alphabetically

    Description: Currently when I am trying to open a file through the model tab it is difficult to find the file I want because the files are not sorted in a random way. I would like the files to be sorted alphabetically similar to working in windows explorer.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Sheet Set Manager

    Submitted By: Jared Murphy on 07/18/2012

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    Default Re: Sort model tab files alphabetically

    FWIW -

    I also use Sheet Set Manager to access my Civil 3D project models (i.e., Aerial, Alignment, Pipe Network, Surface models, etc.), however, rather than using the Model Views Tab, I simply add an aptly named 'Models' subset to my Sheet Set, with 'Publish Sheets in Subset' set to 'Do Not Publish Sheets'.

    Then, as Sheet Set Manager will open these drawings to the Layout, I add a simple snippet of code to AcadDoc.lsp that checks for "*\\Model*" in the file path, and automagically sets the Model tab current:

    ;;; Activate model tab when opening models from ssm
    (if (and (wcmatch (strcase (getvar 'dwgprefix)) "*\\MODEL*")
             (/= 1 (getvar 'tilemode))
      (setvar 'tilemode 1)
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