I have an dynamic block with about 30 visibility layer states in it. These layer states represent different types of manhole chambers based on their internal diameter. Within the block I also have a few bits of text and some attributes which are in a box which has a wipeout behind it.

What I want to do is make the block annotative so that the text/attribute/wipeout box scales with the viewport scale but when I make the block annotative it also makes the visibility states annotative! This obviously scales the manhole and it's not the size I want it to be.

I have tried making the block non-annotative and make the text and attributes annotative but then I lose the wipeout scale and the text spacing etc so this isn't an option.

So is there any way I can make the block annotative without it alterning the visibility state scale?

I'm having problmes uploading the block but I'll keep trying.

Thanks in advance for your replies.