Summary: It would be nice if Areas worked over multiple phases

Description: When we do master plans we often want large blocks of color with the areas of those shown and labeled on a 3-5 phase set of plans. We start out with by locating all the departments in the first/existing phase, these are all colored and labeled with their name and total gross area. We then go to the next phase and "demolish" some of the areas and relabel them with their new purpose, for example if there is a shell space in a building and it slated to become a doctor's office it would be labeled "Shell Space: 3000 SF" in the existing plan and "Doctor's Office X: 3000 SF" in the second phase. These areas transition in and out as spaces move around buildings and on the campus throughout the 3-5 phases. Currently we have to create multiple Area categories and copy past from the existing through the last phase and then change accordingly. The issue becomes when we have mark-ups from the Owner that then have to be tracked and followed through every phase to ensure that all the phase show the correct department. For example if on the existing phase we labeled a space "Pharmacy: 4000SF" and the Owner responds in the future and says this is really the "Lab" then we have to go back through all 5 Phases see and change the name on that area, if we could just associate the areas with the phasing in the program and demolish and create new accordingly it would be very useful.

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Area Tools

Submitted By: Kelly Schreihofer on 07/25/2012