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Thread: Block for Northings/Eastings

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    Exclamation Block for Northings/Eastings


    I am currently facing a dilemna which i hope to avoid in the future (with your help). I have been tasked with checking and cross-referencing all the piping control data connecting a couple digesters/pump stations. Since all the control data is listed as Northings/Eastings by the owner, I want to insert a block at each point, then connect the dots.

    But with so many points, there is a large possibility for errors on input, and it is quite tedious to re-check each point.

    I want to insert an intelligent block which will display its own insertion point. The block would be on a non-printing layer and simply be used as a visual checkoff that all the points have been properly inputed. If I need to move the block, I want the attributes to still be associative and update. I have looked into adding fields as attributes, but I have not found a field option for insertion point. Lisp is an option for the initial insertion, but I have no clue how to make it work for the associativity I want.

    Anybody have something like this already made? I greatly appreciate any help y'all can give.


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    Default Re: Block for Northings/Eastings

    Just use the Position field.

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    Default Re: Block for Northings/Eastings


    Or as an alternative to Robert's above suggestion, check out the following Submission # EX001283 by Peter Jamtgaard on the AUGI Exchange Page -

    AUGI Exchange Search Page

    Have a good one, Mike

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