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    I am very new to Civil 3D (am using 2011). I am working on a drawing that was scanned in as an image. I pulled up my company's template title block .dwg file then attached this image as a raster to the drawing. I got all the scales figured out (whether I did this correctly or not I do not know) so that if I use the measure tool and measure a piece on the drawing it shows the correct measurement (i.e. the drawing says the distance between two buildings is 16' and so does the measuring tool).

    When I print out this drawing on 24"x36" paper the scale should be and is 3/16" = 1 foot. How do I insert a scale bar that will show this?


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    If you do not already have a block that has this scale set, you would need to create one. I do not think Civil 3D comes with bar scales using architectural units.
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    Sounds reasonable enough. Thanks!

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