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Thread: Dynamic block attribute Renumbering

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    Default Dynamic block attribute Renumbering

    Hello all,

    Using Incremental numbering suite from Lee. I just placed around 800 dynamic blocks (multiple attributes) with one of the attributes being incremental... 001 to 800.
    Now i came to the conclusion that i need 1 more at around 450 or so. The numbering has no real logic but the blocks are grouped somewhat. so if you rea my plan top to bottom left to right you could read someting like 001-002-020-021-799-800

    Now i am looking for a lisp routine that lets me select multiple dynamic blocks and makes all the selected blocks have their attribute adjusted +1

    so block 800 would end up being 801 and block 749 ending up as 750...

    Does something like that allready exist? I found a program which lets me select attribute and set starting number but after that it doesnt let me select dynamic blocks...


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    Default Re: Dynamic block attribute Renumbering

    hi, what you ask for is a bit messy so i can't write the code unless i knew your situation (and blocks) better.
    basically your routine would read the string (attribute), then convert it to an integer, then add one, then convert back to a string, then update the attribute.

    hope is a gentle enough push,

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