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Thread: 4x2 Wood Floor Trusses

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    Default 4x2 Wood Floor Trusses

    Has anyone come across a family for a 4x2 wood floor truss (pictured)?
    One with wood webs - not the "TJL" version with the metal webs that comes with Revit. The TJL trusses are very hard (if not impossible) to even find. Maybe that part is a geographical thing (we are on the east coast: Virginia), but I'm even getting slim pickings when I Google TJL trusses so I'm doubting the geographical angle.
    Does anyone have a clue why Revit Structure doesn't come with something as common as this, but does include a family for floor trusses that is all but obsolete?

    Thanks in advance!

    Jeff Rayhorn

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    Default Re: 4x2 Wood Floor Trusses

    My guess is that was the only company that submitted a profile for standard lengths. When it comes to steel joists, the one from Revit are only a graphical representation. You can't use them for coordination because depending on your local supplier/fabricator you never know what you're going to get. There's some standard guesses that can get you close, but I'd never relay on the modeled elements for coordination. I would assume that floor trusses, like roof trusses, are kind of the same way. Depending on your supplier, and what kind of truss plate and design software they use (Alpine vs Mitec) you're going to get something different. Would they be close, sure, but each design is unique to that fabricators methods. So I'd guess those are still in there because they are close to what you might get anyway. Just a thought. I've been out of the wood truss game for a while, but that's my thinking.
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