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Thread: Ghost Images and Lines On-Screen and in Exported Images

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    Default Ghost Images and Lines On-Screen and in Exported Images

    Has anyone else ever experienced a graphical error similar to the one I've attached here? I'm guessing that it's a graphics card issue, but I don't know for sure. I see these ghost images (or lines) on-screen in some views but not in others. I only get them in 3D views, but again, not in all of my 3D views. If I export an image (i.e. jpeg) from a view that has these ghost images, the exported image will have them as well. I've also seen these ghost images (or lines) show up in exported fly-throughs. Now if I print these views, either to a printer or to PDF, the ghost images disappear (hence, "ghost images").

    Perhaps this issue has been discussed at length somewhere in these forums, but I'm not sure if I'm searching the right terminology ("ghost images"). Help?
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