Recently we upgraded to Autocad 2013. We are using Quickpen Pipe Designer over autocad for piping design.
We are experiencing, with some drawings, long opening/saving/closing/xrefing delays.
For example, for a 12Mb drawing it took 5minutes for a Save AS, with no exrefs in the drawing, Close with save took 5minutes, to attach and xref took 5 minutes (2minutes to show the attach dialog and 3minutes after).
Quickpen is saying that is because autocad, but we haven’t seen such delay opening regular autocad drawings (drawings without quickpen entities).
We have some other issues with Quickpen, fittings disappearing from the drawing, trying to bring them back, and using regen and zoom extends will change the view to a odd 3d view or mirror the drawing to an odd angle.
Are there any 3d settings to make the drawing be faster?
Quickpen used to have a user forum, but they don’t have it anymore.