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Thread: Is there a Maximum Network Size in Civil3D 2012?

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    Question Is there a Maximum Network Size in Civil3D 2012?

    I've heard people say that the networks are limited to 500 structures, but I'm working on a project that is going to have well over that amount (over 800) just for the Storm.

    I want to know if that limitation is true so I can plan accordingly. If indeed there is such a limitation, is there a work around? We need to run calculations on the whole system so I don't think I will be able to split it on two separate drawings.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Is there a Maximum Network Size in Civil3D 2012?

    Well, you piqued my interest so had to go play. I created a large, 800 sided, polygon. Used Pedit to Open it. Used Create Pipe Network From Object, selected the 799 segment pline, was greeted with a warning that "Creating a network from polyline with more than 75 segments may result in over taxing system resources, Proceed?" to which I of course said Yes . It took about 5 minutes to process on my Core i7 with 12gb RAM, but i did get a network with 799 pipes and 800 structures. Saving the file resulted in just a 1.88 mb drawing size.

    I can edit the individual network parts without issue. Attempting to edit in the Panorama is slow to load, but once open it works fine, too.

    So I'd say that 800 is definitely workable.
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    Default Re: Is there a Maximum Network Size in Civil3D 2012?

    Awesome question, and a response in kind. :lmao:

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