I have been using adaptive curtain panels in Revit's massing environment. I ran into a weird issue and I don't know if it is the software or if it is me. On screenshot 37, I have a basic rectangular pattern. I created a rectangular simple mullion adaptive family pictured in screenshot 38.

If I were to create a triangle pattern based curtain panel such as pictured in screenshot 39 using the "triangle (flat)" pattern. When I apply this adaptive panel family I get what is pictured in screenshot 40. The pattern seems to take my triangular pattern based curtain panel and it makes it overlap onto itself. Why is this!? There are overlapping patterns of triangles one on top of another. I noticed this happens with the triangle patterns and not the rhomboid or rectangular.

Autodesk wiki help needs to have something in there explaining each pattern type and some of the underpinnings of how it works. Anybody at Autodesk could be so kind to explain? Maybe its already explained somewhere in the wiki help, but where is it?